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I'm a Jersey boy, a product of New Jersey public schools (K-Rutgers).  My interest in film was not particularly unusual in my youth, but with several of my Tenafly High School classmates I made my first two films; "The Tower of Dracula" and "Al Capone."  After graduating from Rutgers with a BA in Italian literature I snared a great job for a 21-year old as a tour manager taking American tourists around Western Europe for Globus Tours of Lugano, Switzerland. In between tourist seasons I lived in Rome.

It was a fortuitous time to be there; Italian cinema was at the height of its popularity and I managed to see many films, refining my language skills and falling in love with cinema.
Returning to the States after 2 years abroad I turned my growing interest in film from an avocation into a career. In the late 1960's cinema verite documentaries were flourishing in New York.  After driving a taxi for a brief stint I was able to land work with Bill Jersey, and then the Maysles, and later with Robert Drew, among others.