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It was all 16mm color reversal film at the time and I learned to do everything on-the-job: assistant cameraman, soundman, assistant editor, editor, and cameraman.

Along the way I was making small films, producing, directing, shooting & editing by myself. Like many of my contemporaries, my social and political perspectives were deeply affected by the times, and my films have strived to adhere to a philosophy of social responsibility. In fact, my very first production was a 30-second PSA titled "A Tree" for Friends of Central Park.

My first job as a cameraman was for the BBC in New York. Then, while shooting a series for WNET I helped unionize the station, which enabled me to join IATSE, the camerman's union.  As a result I could work for CBS and other union venues.  I then started shooting many segments for "60 Minutes." I also produced a piece on bank robberies featuring Willie Sutton, with Mike Wallace as the correspondent.  I continued shooting, editing and producing for a variety of networks & corporations traveling across the United States as well as shooting many films abroad.

As much as I love the look and feel of film, most documentaries have now migrated to digital video.

And as a result, I now shoot both 16 and 35 millimeter film, and in all video formats; MiniDv through High Def. The challenges of the new economics in the documentary realm have taught me to be flexible, and to choose what best serves the project at hand.

In the last few years I have shot several long-form documentaries, 2 American Masters for PBS; “Ella Fitzgerald, Something to Live For” and “Clint Eastwood, Out of the Shadows,” an independent feature documentary "Pie in the Sky", and a one-hour show for Scorsese's Blues series, "Piano Blues," directed by Clint Eastwood.

What has probably been my most rewarding work experience has been shooting (and producing with director Mirra Bank) another independent feature documentary, "Last Dance."  It combines cinema-verite with performance shooting. "Last Dance" received rave reviews across the country, including the New York Times, and it was named by the Academy of Arts and Sciences as one of the Best Documentaries of 2002-03.

I consider myself a very lucky man; able to work in my chosen field of documentaries; travel to interesting locations; and work with creative and fascinating people.