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“In God We Teach,” A full-length documentary on the "church and state" issues raised by a high school student who secretly recorded his history teacher and accused him of proselytizing for Jesus. ingodweteach.com

“Last Dance,” (with director/producer Mirra Bank) a 90-minute documentary about the unique collaboration of Maurice Sendak & Pilobolous Dance Theater on the creation of an original dance work, was named by AMPAS as one of the Best Documentaries of 2002-03. (2002 Theatrical Release) (Sundance Channel) (Academy Award Short List)

“Sirius Satellite Radio,” Spec test spots for Sirius Satellite Radio

“Spooky Tooth Reunion,” (with fellow director/producer Bill Markle) a 60-minute DVD of the 60’s & 70’s British rock group’s reunion concert in Hamburg, Germany (2004) German TV.

“Monkey & the Bone Demon ,” A spec test spot for Apple.

“Broadway Windows,” A short documentary on glass sculptor Sydney Cash's installation in Manhattan.

“Circle Line Video of New York,” A 30-minute travelogue for visitors to New York City. (Over 50,000 units sold)

“A Tour of Independence Park,” A 30-minute travelogue for visitors to Philadelphia's Independence National Historic Park, (PBS' WHYY.)