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"Iconoclasts: Ruby Dee & Alicia Keys," Bruce Sinofsky, Director/Radical Media (Sundance Channel 2007)

Iconoclasts: Dean Kamen & Isabella Rossellini,” Bruce Sinofsky, Director/Radical Media
(Sundance Channel 2006)

Iconoclasts: Mario Batali & Michael Stipe,” Joe Berlinger, (Director/Producer/Sundance Channel 2005) (shot with Bob Richman)

“Tanner,” Updates for Garry Trudeau’s political satire with Michael Murphy, Pamela Reed & Cynthia Nixon, Robert Altman, Director (Sundance Channel 2004)

"Budd Boetticher,"
a 90-minute documentary on the "B" movie director, Bruce Ricker, David Berger, Hank O'Neal Directors/Producers (Turner Classic Movies 2006)

"Stolen," a feature documentary on the theft of art from the Gardner Museum, Rebecca Dreyfus, Director (One of Several Cameramen)

"Election 2004," a one-hour documentary on the 2004 elections, Katy Chevigny, Producer/Director (One of Several Cameramen) (PBS 2008)

“Stories from the Heart” a one-hour documentary featuring the world famous surgeon, Mehmet Oz, Ben Robbins & Lloyd Fales, Directors/Producers (Discovery Health 2005, October)

“The One Campaign”, a series of PSA’s fighting world poverty, Producer @Radical Media/Director/Marcus Tomlinson (One of Several Cameramen)


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